Virtual Office Services

Seo Suites Tampa 2017The SEO Suites Minibox was created to allow small business's to have a physical location at the same time be a Google friendly place to receive packages from all carriers.


There are so many people working from home, using home addresses, that the thought of ...

"wouldnt it be nice to at least have an office address, thats not a PO Box".


Things that will be offered:

  • A place that would be able to accept Fed Ex and UPS, forward mail and deposit or hold checks for the client pickup.

  • For SEO purposes, to have a location in a different town that you are trying to get ranking in.

  • With an online portal you can check your mail, be notified when you have mail and when mail is uploaded to your portal you can reply with a request to do something specific with that mail, like deposit a check, or shred an important document, or just plain old thro that away with the rest.

  • you can get your Google postcard  with never even having to step one foot inside the location, or you may stop by and visit all the things each different location has to offer.

  • with 1 location now, and 32 more in negotiations, we will have them all over the state of Florida by 2018.
Google Friendly

Having a physical location instead of using a home address will allow your online rakings to thrive, as well as being a safety factor in your day to day life.

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